Merle & Valerie’s Engagement Session in Menifee, Ca

It’s been real hectic few months. I was given the opportunity to capture a dear friend’s wedding in Nashville, then prom portraits, and now this beautiful couple’s engagement session in a part of the Inland Empire in beautiful Menifee, CA. To me, this was a definitely an exciting wedding. Not only does my friend Val get married to this wonderful man, Merle, but I discovered a lot of awesome history about Merle’s family. For those of you who don’t know me that well, history definitely intrigues me. The tidbit on Merle’s family is that he is a Zeider and the street him and some of his family live on is not only named after his family, but it used to be the street that was literally his¬†great grandparents driveway. Might not get the context till you see it in person, but it was cool for me to find that out! Here’s a little snapshot of their session, can’t wait to capture your wedding!